Full-fledged, full-service, across media. But that’s the given, right?
On a more qualitative plane, we bring to the table a mix of youth and experience. Lean and dedicated, our team comprises those that have been there done that, as well as young ‘uns that come with no past baggage. Sum total? Unencumbered enough to think wild, experienced enough to know if it’ll work.
Been told, turnaround time is our big plus. We even proverbially aspire to deliver it yesterday. We aren’t claiming it – our clients say so.
Most of all, we’re easy people to work with. Please fill the form below or kindly contact us on +917063718655 / +919434791121

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Address:- RC-106, Gitanjali Park,
Acharja Prafulla Chandra Saran,
City Centre,
Durgapur - 713216


Phone:- +917063718655 / +919434791121